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British Petroleum (Bp)


British Petroleum (BP) is a British international public limited company (plc) that has main business operation in oil & gas industry around the world. It was recorded as the third largest petroleum company in the globe with their operation were include exploration, production, refining, distribution & marketing, chemical, power supply and trade. They recently active in research and development of biofuel and wind power as part of BP renewable energy plan in the future.

They have worldwide operation that is include in Indonesia, such as, Java sea block (Java island), Tangguh LNG block (Papua) and Mahakam block (Borneo, recently they transferred it’s operation to TOTAL indonesie).

BP is one of European petroleum corporation who can be direct compared equal to United States oil & gas companies, such as, Chevron corporation, ExxonMobil corporation and ConocoPhillips. Its close rival from European region is TOTAL corporation (French).

BP history

BP history can be traced back as far 1909 where Anglo-Persian Oil Company (APOC) merged to Burmah Oil Company who where explored and developed oil & gas industry in Persia (Iranian). Then, it transformed into Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (AIOC) in 1935 due nationality issue in Persia which result new formation of Iranian state. The company later suffered series of major operation lost  due Iran revolution where all major exploration and refinery were nationalize by Iran new government and all foreign people expelled from Iran. The AIOC were reorganize again in United Kingdom and it’s available assets were started running again. Nevertheless, AIOC was irrelevant name and rename again. The company finally official rename as British Petroleum (Bp) plc since 1954.

The plc is abbreviation of Public Limited Company in United Kingdom and equal to multinational corporation term in United States.

Nevertheless, the company only began brand BP name from1921 to present day. the name BP used for separated British product from rest of Europe. Its first well known as ‘BP motor spirits’ petroleum products in 1921-1922. People later prefer only called it abbreviation word ‘BP’ (1922-2000). Recently, the company put sun logo next to BP word to give strong  impression of it’s branding core business in energy.

north sea exploration

oil_and_gas 1

BP’s upstream operation was dominate by offshore exploration where they were originally found and developing oil & gas offshore facilities in North Sea, Europe. It was a harsh environment due North Sea area always experienced cycle of storm season from North pole to European continent where high wind and gale often expose danger for offshore drilling operation. Nevertheless, North Sea has largest oil & gas deposit in Europe and BP successful extract those deposit for Britain domestic and export consumption. Those situation lead the company become expert in offshore exploration.


BP major operation in Indonesia is located in Java sea block. They are still manage several oil platforms and floating support facilities today.

bp refinery

Bp tank farm

BP is also maintain and coordinating natural gas extraction at Tangguh block, West Papua, Indonesia, which has large gas deposit.

BP pipelines trans-alaska

Nevertheless, BP most large, complex and profitable operation is located in Alaska, United States. They founded, developed and distributed oil & gas deposit there for to be refined in various BP refineries around the globe. Again, BP proved that they are reputable corporation which able to build onshore oil & gas facilities from scratch in extremely cold condition of North Alaska. BP is well known icon in Alaska operation by their construction of Trans-Alaska Pipeline System claimed to be longest pipelines in the world. It runs from Prudhoe oil field (North pole) to Valdez marine terminal (South Alaska).

BP wind farm

BP also operates and develops alternative energy extraction in wind power and biofuel. The company was famous for their wind farm facilities which they build in United States. BP is operating 16 wind farms able to generate 2,600 megawatts and is planning add more 2,000 megawatts in the future.

BP gas station 2

BP is well known as gas station chain operator in United Kingdom, United States and Australia compete against Chevron, Mobil, and other local gas station chain operator. They don’t have gas station chain operation in Indonesia due Indonesia law restriction. All BP petroleum products were refined in overseas and brought back into Indonesia through PERTAMINA company for domestic consumption.

BP safety

BP as multinational corporation has strong concern for safety, health and environment due it’s employees experiences in offshore operation. Their management is famous for strict operation manual and procedures demand any procurement equipment installation have to compact size, customizable, safest and green environment based for oil platform operation.


In Indonesia, BP is famous for their community development program by fund extensive of scholarship and internship opportunity for Indonesia students. The company is fund and sponsor various education program for increase young people awareness for energy and environment in the future.

BP headquarter

BP international headquarter is based at 1st James’s Square, London, SW1Y 4PD. Meanwhile BP has local office for their Indonesia operation located at Perkantoran Hijau Arkadia, Jalan TB Simatupang, Kav 88, Jakarta, Indonesia 1250.

Website: Bp Global & Bp Indonesia


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